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Silver Seal is a name that is part of the history of world whiskey, and not only Italian: synonymous with whiskey and rum marked by excellence and absolute quality for over 40 years.

The Silver Seal brand was created in the 1980s by Ernesto Mainardi, and was one of the bulwarks of the pioneering phase of independent whiskey bottling, contributing to the very birth of the Single Malt Scotch Whiskey category.

All selections of Mainardi and Silver Seal are considered milestones by enthusiasts and collectors.

In 2007, Max Righi took over the helm, a great expert in whiskey, rum and pipe tobaccos, who pursued the policy of absolute excellence as the cornerstone of his selections.

The Scottish masterpieces of Silver Seal are born that conquer the passionate European tasters.

Over the last fifteen years, Max has brought the Silver Seal brand to the best whiskey bars in the world, with a particularly strong presence in Asia, and has raised the bar even further.

The wide range of its selections goes from the best Scottish nectars to numerous Caribbean rums: the company releases very small batches of bottlings, selected with great rigor, and markets memorable expressions.

Lately, Max has also launched the Grhum and Grhisky project, that is the elevation of the grappa segment through refining in ex-Whiskey and ex-Rum barrels.

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