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Large pipe made from dried African pumpkin and coated with sea foam on the inside to avoid burning the natural material with which it is made.

The cooler and drier smoke is the prerogative of this pipe, in fact, passing through the expansion chamber created under the stove and coming into contact with the natural walls, the above benefits are obtained.

Each Strambach pipe is a unique and unrepeatable piece.

In 1904 Edmund Jolitschke founded the company that first produced cigar and cigarette mouthpieces and later sea foam pipes which became the product of main interest.

Robert Strambach joined his uncle's company in 1922, enlarged it and later took over the reins. He himself made the foam pipes and the Calabash and also developed a process to produce the mass of sea foam, a material still used in cheaper pipes.

Having not felt the need to own his own brand for many years, Robert Strambach produced foam pipes for numerous other factories, including renowned briar pipe manufacturers who wanted to enrich their product range by introducing the " white goddess ".

A change came when Edith Corrieri, the only daughter of Robert Strambach, took over from her father in 1974.

Master turner, his goal now consists in the marketing of fine pipes marked with the name of the company.

In addition to the block sea foam models, laboriously sculpted and decorated largely with artistic silver applications, the company manufactures Calabash pipes with colored heads as well as economical pressed sea foam pipes.

Strambach pipes, made personally and exclusively by hand, are the result of a long and patient process.

Characteristic of Strambach's pipes is the calabash shape, imaginative, artistic, linked to the character of Sherlock Holmes.

In 1981, the Austrian state coat of arms was attributed to the Robert Strambach plant, which remained the only manufacturer of sea foam, and Edith Corrieri was awarded the title of Trade Advisor for her merits.

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