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Benrinnes is a malt whiskey distillery in Aberlour, famous for its full-bodied and spicy whiskeys.
Official bottling throughout the life of the distillery is limited to only 5.

Benrinnes takes its name from the mountain Ben Rinnes (841 meters), one of the most important peaks of the entire Speyside.

At the foot of this mountain in 1826 was built by Peter McKenzie a first distillery, destroyed after only 3 years by a flood, and then redone in the place of the current Benrinnes.

The distillery was rebuilt from scratch in 1956 - no original building remained.

Despite the appearance of abandoned distillery, in 2012 the plants were completely renovated and modernized.

The composition of the stills (2 wash + 4 spirit) is rather rare and is the legacy of a process of partial triple distillation.

Until 2007, the stills worked as two groups of 3 stills with a process that is called a double distillation and a half: the head and the heart of the first distillation passed straight to the third distillation, the tails of all three distillations were redistilled in the according to the alembic still, the third alembic distilled the head + heart of the first still, head + heart of the second still and head + heart + the initial part of the tails of the third alembic still.

Today we have moved on to the more classic double distillation with 2 wash stills and 4 spirit still with every pair of spirit stills that is used for a wash still.

The Benrinnes whiskeys in circulation today were very likely to have been distilled before 2007 and then they were distilled with the old and strange recipe.

The other particularity of Benrinnes was the presence of a Saladin Box for twenty years from 1964 to 1984. Today it is used industrial malt.

Last but not least, Benrinnes is one of the last distillers to cool the vapors with traditional worm tubs, six large cast-iron containers located behind the distillery.

Most of the production goes in the blended Diageo: Johnnie Walker, J & B and Crawford's 3 Star.

Official bottling throughout the life of the distillery is limited to just 5 releases.

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