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Japanese Bitters represents a drop of Japanese pride and tradition.

Japanese Bitters is the world's first cocktail bitter brand made from natural ingredients from its home country, Japan.

Yuki Yamazaki, bartender of international fame and creator of this brand, decides to venture into his country of origin to find and select the best Japanese ingredients, in such a way as to create something inimitable and unique.

The long nation of Japan expands from north to south with four distinct seasons. Being lucky Japan with mountains, seas and villages, the natural environment gives rise to the production of various natural ingredients. In other words, it is no exaggeration that the nature of Japanese-style food, called "Washoku", is supported by a variety of nature's blessings; the most natural blessings of Japan. Japanese bitters are the first aromatic bitters of national production that use only the best ingredients born from the natural blessings of Japan. While using the freshness of the ingredients, The Japanese Bitters is created using these ingredients to their full potential. Recently, bitter cocktails are booming all over the world. Many other brands like Angostura Standard Bitters are for sale all over the world. We are now introducing the very first Japanese-flavored Japanese bitters.

Production method

To be precise, in the process of preparing the bitters the base alcohol and the other ingredients are extracted for a long period of time like 2 or 3 months, but we extract for long hours in a video machine sous, lowering the boiling point by putting all ingredients in a state of emptiness (about 720 mmhg) In this way the rapid serial production of products of equal quality is enabled, contributing to the production and management of stocks.


The packaging designer, Sagara, master of ink painting and design, actively designs in various sectors. Designed on Japanese paper and bearing in mind the Japanese hanging roll, the illustration of flavor and character is written only with a brush.


Producer and owner of the THE THE JAPANESE BITTERS brand. Yuki Yamazaki was representative of JCC AGENT of the Asian brand ambassador Bobby's Gin.

 After five years of training, his vision was to produce his brand of high quality bitters.

During the 2011 Eastern Great Japan earthquake, the Japanese embassy in Toronto organized a charity event, which Yamazaki offered cocktails using various Japanese ingredients and was picked up by local media. At that time, he started planning the production of bitter cocktails using Japanese ingredients.

In 2015, after traveling to the Dutch Schiedam in the Netherlands, Yamazaki adapted the alcohol production to the HermanJansen distillery, which was 250 years old.

After returning to Japan, with the knowledge and experience gained, Yamazaki was able to complete the production of his bitters within 2 years. Along with the production, with the kind support of the Honbo distillery, Yamazaki has successfully obtained his domestic production license.

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