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Grappa Nonino is today known throughout the world as the Italian excellence in distillation.

The New York Times summarized the great merit of this family of distillers: "For decades, Grappa was little more than a pocket-sized form of heating for the peasants of Northern Italy. But all this happened before the Noninos of the Percoto distillery rose to prominence ".

It is one of the most famous Italian distilleries in the world, a true symbol of tradition, quality and prestige.

It was founded by Orazio Nonino in 1897, when, after years of itinerant activity with a still mounted on wheels, he established his headquarters in Percoto, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from Udine.

For over 120 years the business has remained in the hands of the Nonino family who, in its long history, have succeeded with increasing success in fulfilling an important mission: to bring Italian grappa to the world, transforming it from rustic and peasant distillate to noble and prestigious brandy , from everyday traditional product to luxury good for important occasions.

Beginning in the 1960s, the first millesimate labels were born, with the indication of the vintage of the pomace and, ten years later, Benito and Giannola Nonino created single-variety grappas, enhancing the ancient native vines of the area and revolutionizing the way of conceiving the Italian distillate par excellence.

The work of Benito and Giannola, to whom the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro was recognized, is today carried out by the three daughters Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta, who have remained faithful to the criteria of absolute quality and enhancement of the best practices of rural civilization.

The raw materials used are very fresh, de-stemmed and moist pomace, fermented for a short time in steel vats at a controlled temperature.

The distillation process is carried out using a traditional method with steam-heated discontinuous stills.

These operations are carried out under the supervision of the master distiller, who controls the quality of the raw materials and establishes the cutting of heads and tails using experience and his sensorial involvement.

The traditionalist choice of the family, the refusal to use demethilization columns and continuous industrial plants allows an absolute quality production without compromises.

To do this, the Nonino family now owns 5 artisan distilleries for a total of 73 stills that, during the harvest period, are active 24 hours a day.

For the refining of the distillate only barriques and small barrels are used, capable of conferring a slow and constant natural enrichment, without the addition of other additives.

Grappa Nonino is today known throughout the world as the Italian excellence in distillation.

All the labels are accompanied by detailed information on the raw materials, the production method and any aging.

Sensory richness, impeccable elegance and stylistic rigor are the constants of this production which has become an inspirational model for producers all over the world and an exciting certainty for grappa lovers.

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