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La Licorera Zacapaneca is the historic Guatemalan producer of one of the most famous rums in the world: Rum Zacapa.

Founded in 1940 by three families with the aim of creating a distillate using exclusively sugar cane juice

The Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala distillery was founded in 1914 by five brothers; Venancio, Andrés, Felipe, Jesús and Alejandro Botran.

Today it is the largest distillery in Guatemala, producing both the Botran brand after its eponymous founders, as well as the globally recognized Ron Zacapa.

The distillery operates a two-column stainless steel pot still and uses a sugar cane "honey" wash.

This is the product of the first stage of molasses production, which produces a syrup by boiling water from freshly squeezed cane juice.

This provides a lighter distillate than traditional molasses.

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