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The Demerara Distillers, founded in 1770, is the only Demerara rum producer.

It has the largest stock of old rums in the world and a unique combination of stills.

County Demerara in Guyana has been steeped in the history of rum and sugar production since the seventeenth century and today represents every rum enthusiast's El Dorado.

The history of Demerara Distillers dates back over 300 years, with the introduction of distillation to Guyana in 1670.

In British Guiana there were more than 300 distilleries producing their own unique rums, each identified by a specific mark and a still with specific marks identifying its origin

Guyana Distilleries Limited and Diamond Liquors Limited have merged to form Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), with a view to rationalizing and consolidating activities.

Demerara Distillers, founded in 1770, is the only producer of Demerara rum.

It has the world's largest stock of old rums and a unique combination of stills.

It includes 11 distilleries (7 in the Berbice region and 4 in the East Coast) that use all types of stills, allowing it to assemble different batches of rum, coming from different regions and styles.

After the merger in 1990, Demerara Distillers, also abbreviated to DDL, focused on the consolidation of the two previous companies and the strengthening of the distilleries.

The Diamond Distillery at the time housed the various stills, equipment and skills transferred from the distilleries no longer in operation.

DDL has begun expanding its operations to further reduce its reliance on bulk base rums.

The company has used its experience in the bottling sector and its consolidated distribution network to launch brands such as El Dorado, Demerara, Diamond Water worldwide

DDL took advantage of the carbon dioxide gas produced as a byproduct of the distillation process and began competing in the carbonated beverage industry.

The company then began producing its own brand of flavored drinks SOCA and Diamond Water.

In 1991 the Demerara El Dorado rum range was launched, a superior quality aged rum, starting with the El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve.

This rum was the pioneer of the introduction of El Dorado on the world market.

Today Demerara Distillers Limited is one of Guyana's leading manufacturing companies.

The company produces and distributes a broad portfolio of local and international spirits and beverages.

In addition to the El Dorado rum line, we must mention the bottlings and limited editions signed by Luca Gargano, owner of the Velier distribution company in Genoa, who has collaborated with Demerara Distillers for years.

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