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The Clement distillery produces Rhum perfectly natural, with an original character and distinguished by an incomparable fineness since 1887.

The Maison Clément is currently one of the oldest properties on the island of Martinique, to the point that it has almost become a kind of historical monument: always open to the public, has welcomed over the decades truly prestigious guests and visitors.

Born in the late nineteenth century, in 1887 to be exact, the company came to life at the hands of Homère Clément, doctor and mayor of Le François, who after buying the prestigious 43-hectare sugar plantation of the Domaine de L ' Acajou, began to produce Rhum Agricole directly from sugar cane juice, obtaining a distillate characterized by a contemporary and pure style.

In the wake of this production, Homère Clément himself chose to create a real distillery, in particular to meet the great demand for alcohol during the First World War.

After the death of Homère Clément, his son, Charles Clément, took over the management of the business, perfecting the production methods and starting to export the Martinique Rhum Agricole for the first time abroad. At Charles Clément, later the sons took over, while at the end of the last century, in 1996 to be precise, the distillery was bought by the Hayot family, who chose to continue continuing with the business philosophy of the previous management.

This is how the production of Rhum Habitation Clément has taken place since its origins, following the purest agricultural traditions, as well as the rules of a secret recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries. The processing of Rhum Vieux Agricole is subjected to strict controls, with which the sugar canes are carefully selected, and according to which the phases of distillation, aging and bottling are monitored.

In the Clément distillery, the production methods have not changed for years: this is how Rhum are made perfectly natural, with an original character and characterized by an incomparable finesse.

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