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The Glengyle distillery producing Kilkerran whiskey is the small Campbeltown distillery, Springbank's "cousin".
The Glengyle distillery reopened in 2004 after the closure in 1925.

Glengyle Distillery is a distillery, founded in 1872 by William Mitchell and completed in 1873.

Former president of Springbank, he was formerly a member of the Reichlachan distillery before liquidating himself.

In 1919, the distillery was the result of the postwar economic crisis that severely affected the distilleries in the Campbeltown region.

In 1924 the distillery changed hands again and by 1925 it had ceased production with the sale of all remaining stocks.

Maurice Bloch, who with his brother, also owned by the Glen Scotia distillery, failed due to World War II as a second attempt by Campbell Henderson Ltd. in the 1950s.

Kilkerran is the small Campbeltown distillery, Springbank's “cousin”.

The two distilleries border and are owned by the same owner, Hedley Wright, currently Glengyle uses both the malting floor and the Spingbank bottling plants for the production of Kilkerran, the stills instead are owned.

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