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Macallan has earned the reputation of the most collected whiskey in the world.
The single malt of Macallan 100% sherry, the new lighter and softer whiskey has met a remarkable sales success and is considered among the best whiskey in the world,
The single malt of Macallan 100% sherry cask is considered the whiskey with the best price / quality ratio available on the market.

Born as an agricultural distillery of Speyside, Macallan is registered under the name Elchies Distillery in 1824, just a year after the Excise Act of 1823 which facilitated the legalization of clandestine distilleries. In 1868 James Stuart acquired the distillery, completely rebuilding it and retaining control until 1892 when he sold it to Roderick Kemp, one of the most important personalities in the distillation world (former owner of Talisker), which changed the name of the distillery in Macallan-Glenlivet.

The distillery remains under the control of the descendants of Kemp (particularly the Shiach family) until 1996 when it was bought by Highland Distillers - now Edrington.

Despite being one of the most significant distilleries in the success of single malt, Macallan has always been very important for the blended world. The very small stills, with their necks in rapid descent, produce a heavier spirit than the other Speyside distilleries. The passage then in ex-sherry casks further contributed to the creation of a whiskey with a unique style.

The crisis in the whiskey market of the '80s has led to a decrease in demand from the blender and it is here that the distillery has decided to get involved in the first person and launch its single malt on markets around the world.

It was in 1982 that the 18 year old was launched proudly declaring its undisputed link with aging in ex-sherry casks: "For reasons not even science can wholly explain, whiskey has always matured best in oak casks that have contained sherry . Two to increasing expense and scarcity, other distilleries, no longer insist on sherry casks. THE MACALLAN DIRECTORS DO ".

But as for many loves, this one of Macallan with sherry is destined to end in 2004 when the distillery - in front of an ever increasing demand - announces the new Fine Oak series, where the profile of the used barrels becomes the classic one of the other distilleries of Speyside with a mix of ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry barrels with the first predominant.

Despite the complaints of 100% sherry Macallan single malt fans, the new lighter and softer whiskey has met with significant sales success - especially in emerging markets.

The success of the "new" Macallan is so evident that in 2008 the second still house was reactivated, which led the distillery to contend in Glenlivet the second place as Scotland's best-selling single malt.

Lastly, in 2014 a 100 million pound sterling plan was announced for the construction of a completely new distillery where production is expected to be completely shifted in 2017.

Macallan (the Big Mac) has earned the reputation of the most collected whiskey in the world, especially thanks to the release of many prestigious vintage years in which the single malt just overlooked the market of fans.

The undesirable effect is that it is also the most counterfeit whiskey, with so many fake bottles in circulation.

It is said that some of the nineteenth-century bottles still in circulation are not authentic, a proven affirmation with a carbon dating laboratory examination that found in some of these bottles an isotope that was produced in the atmosphere only after the first nuclear explosions and then dating this whiskey around 1950.

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