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Habitation Velier, the House of Pure Single Rum, last ward, hampden, long pond, forsquare, capovilla muller

Habitation Velier, the House of Pure Single Rum, the only range in the world of Pure Single Rum from different distilleries.

Habitation Velier was born from the collaboration between Luca Gargano and the best distillers who use pot stills, and therefore produce Pure Single Rum, the category that brings together the excellence of rum.

Each expression of Habitation Velier contains an original project, with unique characteristics... a world premiere for each distillery.

Pure Single Rum white rums, still little known, are the purest expression of sugar cane or its derivatives (molasses) of which they fully express the quintessence.

The vintage rums are aged entirely in a tropical climate, with an angel share of more than 8% per year, thus allowing a natural and accelerated refinement compared to European aging at the expense of the quantity produced.

They are bottled at barrel proof, without cold filtration, without the addition of caramel or any other element not coming from distillation.


Jamaica. Founded in 1753 and still today it uses ancestral production methods with very long fermentations and distillation in discontinuous double retort copper stills. Until a few years ago the distillery had never bottled its Single Rums, whose brands are famous for the large concentration of esters.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

Jamaica. Simply the oldest rum distillery still in business, it opened in 1670! The distillation takes place in a splendid "Forsyths" double retort copper still. After the first editions, called Forsyths, starting from the 2007 release, Worthy Park allowed the use of the official name of the distillery.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

South Africa. Rum is not just Caribbean. This distillery, surrounded by its own plantations of sugarcane of the Nkomazi variety, extracts pure juice and distills it in self-produced high reflux Pot Stills. The entire production process of Mhoba rum therefore takes place internally.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

Barbados. Behind this rum distilled three times at the Mount Gay Rum Refinery, there is a tribute to Frank Ward, whose family owned the brand until 2006 and the distillery until 2015. The Habitation series therefore offers the latest under this name independent distillations of the Ward era.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

United States. This small and emerging New England distillery led by Master Distiller, Maggie Campbell, uses biodynamic molasses from Guatemala and has an ultra-artisanal approach to the distillery, using only indigenous yeasts involved in long fermentations of around six days.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

Jamaica. The distillery produces a great Jamaican rum with high esters from molasses fermented with indigenous yeasts. Among the gems is the production of the old STCE mark produced until 1948 at the defunct Cambridge Estate distillery. A piece of history that continues to live on thanks to the work of Long Pond.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

Reunion. This island in the Indian Ocean is characterized by its volcanic hinterland dotted with rich rainforest. Here Savanna produces rum from molasses in a fascinating Savalle column, but for Habitation the fruits of a small pot still with a unique shape end up in the bottle.


Habitation Velier Pure Single Rum

Barbados. Under the expert guidance of Richard Seale, the distillery has established itself as one of the most interesting realities in the world. Distillation takes place in a Forsyths Double Retort with a small column. A double distillation therefore, the first at 30% ABV and the second at 78/80% ABV.

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