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Brief history of the Capovilla rhum, grappa and spirits distillery.

Capovilla is one of the best distilleries in the world, famous for its grappas and its fruit distillates and grappas.

Vittorio 'Gianni' Capovilla is globally recognized as one of the best, if not the best, distiller in the world, in particular for his passion: fruit distillates, rums and grappas.

We could define him as one of the last nomadic distillers, since he travels in search of wild fruit in the most disparate places, from the Asiago plateau to Romania.

He obsessively and relentlessly searches for endangered varieties and wild fruit from Romania to Vesuvius, from Val Venosta to Champagne.

The story of Vittorio Capovilla distiller begins in 1974.

In those years he worked for a winemaking machinery company and traveled for work between Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

When the desire to understand how spirits could be made better arose in him, he bought his first still in Austria and "stolen" it through customs, transporting it in pieces on several journeys.

His first distillation was of merlot and cabernet pomace. It was the year 1975, when he produced his first grappa.

Trying to eliminate defects, he immediately produced a perfect distillate. A perfection that still begins today from the search for raw materials and which makes him considered one of the best distillers in the world.

Capovilla's great strength is the choice of the best raw materials: fruit in particular.

The distillery is now equipped with modern stills built by Muller based on Capovilla's own design: the processing lines are separated into two systems, one for fermented fruit and one for pomace.

The fermented fruit plant includes two first batch bain-marie stills of 150 liters and 150 litres. 400 plus another 150 liter still.

The pomace system, however, can count on two 300 liter first batch bain-marie boilers. and a 150 liter still.

Technique and heart at the service of nature, to extract the quintessence, the purity. A gustatory memory like a glance.

Vittorio has made the excellence of the raw materials and the purity of the spirits his true reason for living. The result is very pure grappas and spirits, for true connoisseurs.

But capovilla is also Rhum Rhum, in collaboration with Luca Gargano and Velier ... special rums distilled in Maria Galante and aged in Guadaloupe.

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